Driving Controls

single lever push pull car adaptation

SLPP Hand Controls

Single Lever Hand Control to enable you to drive the vehicle safely without having to use the foot pedals.

Options: SLPP with indicator, Carospeed hand control, Over ring, under ring, ghost control, The Hand held Pen - Satellite Accelerator, and much more

left foot throttle car adaptation

Left Foor Throttle

For left foot throttle, the flip back to right throttle for standard use when required.

Options: Twin flip, Hinged or easy release type

hand controls

Lodgesons Hand Controls

Lodgesons wireless keypad controls are designed to provide disabled drivers with the utmost in functionality, comfort and design.

Choice of a quick release steering ball or quick release lollipop grip.

Backlit illuminated keypads that self-cancel after a set period of time, ensuring even longer battery life.

No need to recharge your batteries, as all keypads use an easily available CR123 lithium battery. Battery life is largely dependent upon usage of the illumination function. Testing has shown that the battery will last a total of approximately 110 hours with continuous use. It should be noted that we are the only manufacturer to offer a keypad with an illumination function that stays on longer than 7 seconds, and/or does not require recharging every few days.

All systems remove easily from the wheel and the modified car can be driven as normal by another driver. The keypad does not affect existing controls.

quick release pedal guard car adaptation

Pedal Guards - Quick Release

Safety feature, for blocking off the foot pedals, with a quick release mechanism so the standard controls can be used when required.

steering aid car adaptation

Steering Aids

Quick release when not required, make steering easier when using hand controls, be in control of you car, different grips to suit you.

tetra grip

Tetra Grip

The Jeff Gosling Tetra. Grip Steering Aid is designed for those who require wrist support when using a steering wheel aid. The Tetra grip steering aid is made up of a metal plate with three small poles attached to it, you place your hand through two and hold on to the other one, providing wrist support whilst using the aid, the poles are extremely comfortable, the one you hold onto has foam grip all the way around ensuring comfort whilst using the product.

foot pedal extensions car adaptations

Pedal Extensions

For those shorter legs, can’t reach the pedals, these will extend them up to 4” if required.

indicator extensions

Indicator Extensions

Suitable for left or right handed use, Indicator extension are a simple yet effective design. The indicator extension consists of a metal rod formed to extend the function of the indicator lever across to the opposite side of the steering wheel, therefore releasing your hand that would normally be used to trigger the indicator lever.

gear shift easy release car adaptation

Gear Shift Easy Release

For those who find the button difficult to press, designed for ease can comfort.

easy release handbrake car adaptation

Handbrake Easy Release

For those with less grip, easy release ‘does exactly that!

fire trace system car adaptation

Fire Trace Systems - Bespoke

Safety feature, for the disabled driver, fire trace for when the unexpected may happen, the fire trace will ignite if the engine catches on fire, giving you complete peace of mind when driving.

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